Publishers create value by finding in-market consumers. We like to reward them for that by paying the highest revenue share in the industry.

Robust Set of Advertisers works with top advertisers to create a robust set of ad listings that ensure that publishers earn the most for the consumers that visit their sites.

Transparency’s real-time bidding platform has been designed to provide all parties with transparency. Knowing how much advertisers pay per click and the share of the RPC brings clarity to drivers of changes in CAC.

Fair Pricing to Publishers’s bidding platform leverages the latest cloud technologies to reduce its technical costs while maintaining world class performance. With this low cost structure, pays the highest percentage revenue share in the industry, ensuring that publishers receive the most revenue for their consumers.

Reporting & Analytics’s bidding platform provides robust real-time reporting for all metrics to ensure that publishers understand their performance in depth from any device.

Easy to Use Platform

Build and set up a campaign within a few minutes.

Control your campaigns in real time.

Multiple Campaigns

In-Depth Reporting

Real-Time Feedback

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